The United States of the World​​
35 arguments for a United States of the World are printed in numerical order at World Unity. 19 letters of Saint-Cyran, one of the leaders of the Jansenist movement of 17th century French catholics, are listed at Saint-Cyran Letters.

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​John Adams and "Piddling"People

​Daniel F. McNeill

We the people of the present 50 united states have national patriotic sentiments like those of people of other nations. History has taught us however that a union of states free of tyrants and corrupt politicians with a central government willing to fight anywhere in the world for the survival of freedom, as President Kennedy declared in his inaugural address of 1960, is more important than nationalistic sentiment. Two hundred and forty-one years ago, in 1775, the state of Massachusetts on its own put an army in its fields to fight for its independence from Britain. Independent eight years later because of military help from other colonies and France, John Adams of Massachusetts refused national sovereignty for his state and instead opted for limited sovereignty and interstate union. Adams, the second President of the United States, once described a man in the continental congress who was much less radical than himself as “piddling” because he opposed his magnanimous vision of America’s future. We believe the time has come to change the United States of America to the United States of the World by Congress exercising its right to admit new states, a right that it has already exercised 37 times over a period of 170 years after the ratification of the Constitution. No doubt some will reject our vision of a future United States Of The World. People of some states will say that they have no need of world union with the 50 American states and other states because they already enjoy as fully sovereign states a form of world union under the protection of American power. We consider their view piddling. Some citizens in American states, which already contain citizens of every race and religion from every nation of the globe speaking most world languages as well as English, will perhaps fear the end of the white race as a majority in America. We consider their view piddling. The world must get rid of all racism, all religious bigotry, all fanaticism, all national borders, all terrorism, all ignorance, all intolerance, all poverty, all tyrants, all corrupt politicians, all injustice or else we will all become “piddling” people and we will never have in Washington in the District of Columbia a strong central world government uniting us all under a constitution that will allow us to live magnanimously and freely in democratic states and to once again make our world green.
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     A Declaration For a United States of the World    

  ​Daniel F. McNeill

  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, Property, the pursuit of Happiness, and Citizenship in a democratic state of their choosing. To secure such rights, Governments should be instituted among men with limited sovereign powers in order to prevent politicians from assuming dictatorial powers. Until the present century, independent national states required unlimited sovereignty to form national armies capable of defending states from attacks by enemy states. In the 50 united states of America, state armies are both unnecessary and illegal. In independent national states throughout the world, national armies have become less and less necessary because the American Federal Government has assumed the responsibility of protecting foreign states from interstate wars. It backs up this responsibility at a cost of nearly 600 billion dollars a year by maintaining more than two and a half million personnel in its armed forces, military bases throughout the world, and a naval fleet present in every ocean. By joining the 50 united states as newly admitted states, national armies of new states, which sometimes are used to repress the democratic rights of their people, will become obsolete. The Federal Government of the 50 united states of North America and the Pacific Ocean has already assumed some duties of a world government partly to prevent laws and policies of national states from impeding the freedom of multinational corporations to conduct business worldwide unrestricted by national boundaries. As national states apply for admission to the American union to the Congress in Washington and are accepted by the Congress, the transition of the United States of America to the United States of the World would become gradually a reality. This extensive new world union would guarantee a democratic government in every state and make more and more secure and more general the movement throughout the world of labor and capital wherever opportunities for employment draw them.
   Americans! Declare your independence from our present union of 50 states! Demand from your Congressmen and Senators in Washington that they again exercise their right to admit new states! states. ou union as granted to Congress in Article lV Section 3 of the Constitution! Every new state admitted would create bountiful new opportunities for every old and new American citizen! We and our government in Washington have nothing to lose by expanding the United States of America to the United States of the World. A whole new world union of states guaranteed democratic governments by a powerful central government in Washington is crying out from the depths of the pain and tragedy of the past history of our globe to be born! Let’s help give it birth!